We've helped make
the UK one of the world's leading digital nations

But there's more we want to do.


Our multi-billion pound investment in nationwide broadband has helped give the UK a leading position in international comparisons on internet speeds, availability and take-up by consumers.

The UK is the largest digital economy in the G20. We are proud to have played our part.

Find out here the facts about UK broadband and where we're going as a digital nation.

What's been achieved

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Savvy start-ups aren't always the brainchild of tech-heads from Silicon Valley. Often, it takes people who see a need and can build on an opportunity – and fortunately BT is always there to help.

Thriving start-ups depend on more than mere technology
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Britain's digital future looks bright and we're open for business.

UK is #winning the internet
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The digital landscape is dictating the pace of evolution of our nation's businesses.

Why internet connectivity is the lifeblood of the UK's economy
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BT is helping the Government reach a target of 95 per cent coverage by 2017.

How BT is helping the UK lead the digital revolution
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BT and Virgin Media have invested over £15bn in the UK's digital infrastructure in the last 5 years

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9 out of 10 UK homes now have access to superfast broadband

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Average UK broadband speeds have doubled in the last three years

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More than £10bn invested in our openreach network in the last 10 years

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What we want to do

The telecoms regulator, Ofcom, is considering options for the future governance of Openreach – the functionally separate network access business within BT Group that serves over 500 communications providers on equal terms. Find out more below on BT’s proposed reforms for Openreach and our vision for the UK’s digital future.

BT's vision for the UK's digital future

Seamless, competitively-priced communications access whenever and wherever customers need. At the speed they need. 

BT’s new March 2017 proposals agreed with Ofcom

BT and Ofcom have reached agreement on a long-term regulatory settlement that will see Openreach become a distinct, legally separate company within the BT Group with its own Board . The agreement is based upon voluntary commitments submitted by BT. 

BT's July 2016 offer to Ofcom

BT’s previous proposals in relation to Ofcom’s Strategic Review of Digital Communications. 

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